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... consists of ten maps to survey the geographic distribution and strength of the United Church and its four historic traditions across the United States. A study guide for History and Polity classes, or a one session discussion is included, along with a PowerPoint® presentation of the maps.  The maps and supporting materials are on a USB drive, from which they can be printed.  The drive also includes a PowerPoint presentation of the maps.
The ten maps include four that show the counties with churches at time of the initial unions for each of the four major traditions:  Congregational, Reformed, Christian, and Evangelical. Areas of earlier service are also indicated. Three maps show the distribution of newly received congregations for the post-merger groups: Congregational Christian, Evangelical and Reformed, and United Church of Christ.  One composite map compares counties that currently have United Church congregations with counties previously served by it or any of its predecessors, and areas not served. Also included are two maps drawn from the 2010 U.S. Religion census that show United Church adherents in each county, and United Church adherents as a percentage of the
population in each county.
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United Church of Christ Historical Map Set