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     “ invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of America's first native-born Protestant faith.” Dr. Kyle Roberts, Executive Director of the Congregational Library and Archives.


     This book provides a detailed exploration of two intertwined religious traditions, the Christian denomination (or Connection) and the Afro-Christian churches. The Christian denomination arose shortly after the American Revolution, “...a new kind of church based on democratic principles, and a new form of Biblical authority calling for common people to interpret the New Testament for themselves.” (Nathan O. Hatch, The Democratization of American Christianity.) The Afro-Christian churches grew up in the hush harbors of the south, experiencing a Christianity through the spirit and depth of their African roots.


     The energy and ideas of the Christian movement moved directly into the Congregational Christian churches and the United Church of Christ, but also influenced the development of the Disciples of Christ, Churches of Christ, Adventists and others.


     Christian churches had women preachers and evangelists by 1819, hosted a Convention led by Frederick Douglass in 1839, appointed Horace Mann as President of their Antioch College in 1852, and took steps towards gender inclusive language in 1869.


     Included here are details on the locations and life spans of nearly 7,000 churches, over 240 local conferences, four maps, and a short history. The “historical directory” format is used here because many of the primary Christian resources have been scattered. This design includes details on periodicals, annuals, national conventions, and conference records indicating where the resources have been found. In addition to the United States, the book also reviews many churches in Canada, and related mission work in Japan, Puerto Rico, Guyana, and other Caribbean and African outreach. It includes an extensive bibliography, and indexes to the history and church locations.


The 560 (+ vi) book is a folio-sized paperback edition.


LCCN: 2023903624 ISBN: 979-8-218-15057-0

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