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      Beginning in Prussia in 1817, the Lutheran and Reformed Churches in many German states were united as Evangelical Churches. Immigrants to American founded both pietist and rationalist  (Evangelical Protestant) united Evangelical denominations. Both of these traditions are now part of the United Church of Christ. This book gives the best organizational overview of these groups currently in print.

      The extensive history in this book covers the development of various groups that became part of the German Evangelical Synod of North America. The Synod merged to the Reformed Church in the United States in 1934 to form the Evangelical and Reformed Church. Also included are summary histories of many rationalist Evangelical Protestant groups.The last of these, the Evangelical Protestant Church of North America, merged with the Congregationalists in 1925.
     The text highlights organizational development, and includes related health and welfare and educational institutions.

      The directory portion identifies all congregations known to be part of the Synod and fifteen other denominational groups. Also included are all Evangelical and Reformed congregations formed from the formation of that union until the organization of the United Church of Christ. Related congregations in Canada and mission sites in India and Honduras are listed as well.
                                        Annotated bibliography and completely indexed!

                                                  Folio Size. Limited Edition.  (1998)
                                          LCCN: 98-90846         ISBN: 0-9622486-3-0
                                                    367 + viii pages. Hard Cover 

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