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         Virginia F. Rainey, in her review of Mr. Taylor's book Plan of Union and Congregational Churches of Christ in the Middle Atlantic States in The Journal of Presbyterian History, writes: "Catalogues, such as Taylor's, are more than a resource for genealogists, though this will quickly become an essential reference tool for everything from hunting ancestors to finding one's way through the Congregationalist system...Taylor's work gives us the resource to quantify what has been said qualitatively by intellectual historians.  This is a welcome gift to future historians of the Reformed tradition."

      The extensive documentary history included here is our most thorough study of early American Congregationalism through and including the nineteenth century Plan of Union between the Presbyterians and Congregationalists.  Details and examples are particularly relevant for this area. 

      "I never fully grasped the length to which the history of Congregationalism and Presbyterianism were intertwined and how almost inextricably complex they were interwoven.  Your book was an epiphany to me on this, for which I am most grateful."  (David Ackerman, UCC Penn West Conference Minister)

      Much of Long Island was once part of New England. Early freeholders in Newark, New Jersey were expected to be members of "Congregational Churches." Connecticut claimed northeastern Pennsylvania and had settlements there before the Revolution. Most early Presbyterian churches in New York were originally Congregational. Discover these and other Congregational influences in the development of the religious and social life of the Mid-Atlantic States.
     The historical directory includes over 2,300 churches in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, including post-merger Congregational Christian and United Church of Christ churches.
     In New York state all Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. congregations founded by 1837 (and New School by 1852) are also included. For the entire area
Unitarian churches founded by 1850 as well as Schwenkfelder Churches are listed, and an interface with Evangelical Covenant and Evangelical Free congregations.


      Covers New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
     Each church's name, town, county of location, former towns, former names, organization date, ethnic identity, association and presbytery listings, and research issues are identified.

Completely indexed; Extensive annotated bibliography; 

Limited Edition 398 + x. pages, folio size, hardcover. (2005)

 LCCN: 2005906609

ISBN-13: 978-0-962248-64-9     ISBN-10: 0-962248-64-9

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