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Embracing God's Hospitality

Celebrating Over Two Hundred Years of Ministry Together









      This award winning 2006 book by Richard Taylor is a thorough history of the Rhode Island Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Congregational, Christian, and United Church forerunners of the Conference.

      Published by the Conference, it is available on-line via the Congregational Library website at  On that page, click on browse the entire catalog and then search on Richard Taylor.  The direct link is:  For assistance, contact the reference desk of the Congregational Library and Archives at 617-523-0470, ext. 102 or by email at









     Richard Taylor has written many articles for various journals and other publications. These include chapters in these two publications of United Church Press.

     Afro-Christian Convention: the Fifth Stream of the United Church of Christ was published in 2023, the same year as our Historical Directory of the Christian Denomination and Afro-Christian Churches. Its several authors have written subjectively about their own experiences in relation to the Afro-Christian movement, including its history, values, African roots, and relevance to American Christianity today.

     Theology and Identity has been for decades a useful tool in introducing the United Church of Christ to new members and inquisitive readers. The first four chapters summarize the history and ministry of the larger denominations that enabled the union. Additional chapters focus on wider roots, polity, ministry, worship, and theological issues and movements.

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      Richard Taylor has been a member of the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) since 1990, serving three years as President.  He is a Co-Editor of two of their issues (2000 and 2010), as well as volunteer help in collecting data for the 1990 and 2020 issues.

      The U.S. Religion Census 2010 was published in 2012 by ASARB and printed by the Nazarene Publishing House. It is available directly from them or on Amazon.

      Religious Congregations & Membership in the United States 2000 was published in 2002 and is available through the Glenmary Research Center and Amazon. 

      Both books include large wall maps.




Reference Books on American Church History

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